Sounds of Gratitude
Experience real-time Bonusly appreciation from around the world

What does recognition sound like? Is it a quick thanks, or the clap of a high-five?

Through Bonusly, it might be the sound of typing on a keyboard. As a leading employee recognition and rewards program, we thought it could make a lot more noise. Each animation and sound represents a real message of appreciation, one of the more than 11 million given so far. They're reminders of the positive interactions that happen all around us every day.

We invite you to enjoy the beautiful visuals and calming melody powered by actual, real-time recognition bonuses from Bonusly. Use our toggle icons to mute, change day/night mode, and surface bonus amounts.

So, what does recognition sound like? Well, take a listen!

Bonusly is a tool that empowers everyone in an organization to publicly recognize everyone else through small bonuses. Visit to learn more about the power of employee recognition.